The Last Of Us TV Series Gets New, Longer, Chattier Trailer


The Last Of Us

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The Last Of Us TV series has had a couple of trailers, one very short other one a bit longer, but both of those were very much of the teaser variety, keeping things close to their chest and only showing brief flashes of scenery and action. HBO released a third trailer over the weekend, however, and this one has a lot more going on.

Clocking in at over two minutes long, this trailer actually features extended looks at scenes from the series, and in particular exchanges between some of the main characters.

The Last of Us | Official Trailer | HBO Max

If you’re sick of the highly specific genre of near-future, post-apocalyptic road trip TV series by now—and who could blame you, with Station Eleven, Sweet Tooth and Y: The Last Man landing just in the last year or so—then this may not be for you, since as we already know from the game, that’s exactly what’s happening here as well. It’ll be interesting to see how casual viewers who haven’t played the game react to that, since anecdotally the first time my wife saw the trailer for this series she just said “oh no, not another one of these”.

But then those shows were all good (Station Eleven being especially good), and if you are instead someone who has played the first game in the series, then you’ll have instantly recognized how faithful this is trying to be—from these scenes, anyway—to the source material, right down to some more stuff from the Left Behind DLC.

Then again this is just a two-minute trailer, so who knows how faithful the actual series will be! And, since so many of us have played through that story once (or more) a few times already, who cares!

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The Last Of Us starts January 15 on HBO.

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