Sniper Elite 5 free DLC pack adds a dose of the British airborne


The final chunk of content for the Sniper Elite 5 season pass has arrived, but it hasn’t come alone: ​​there’s a Sniper Elite 5 free DLC pack available to all players now too, adding some British paratrooper gear to Karl’s wardrobe and arsenal in the WW2 games.

The free DLC is called the Airborne Elite Pack, and publisher Rebellion is giving it away as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations. The pack includes the Lee No. 4 rifle with attachments, a smart-looking paratrooper uniform for Karl (topped off by a distinctive red beret), and a Union Jack weapon skin for the Welrod pistol.

Season Pass owners get a crack at a new mission set on a stunning new map. The mission, dubbed Conqueror, is set in the countryside surrounding the French Chateaux de Falaise, the famous birthplace of William the Conqueror.

The map is dominated by the castle, and contains a lot of open countryside that’s been ravaged by war. The gloomy weather will be your only cover between the small hamlet and town, and you’ll be able to choose from three initial approaches to reach your target, who is holed up in the castle.

The Season Pass content includes a new Drilling Shotgun weapon pack and an oak leaf paint pattern for weapons. It also comes with a free update for all players – a new survival map called Tide of War, set on the beachhead of Colline-Sur-Mer from the campaign.

Sniper Elite 5 is one of the best sniper games on PC right now, so now’s the perfect time to pop back in and pop some… well, if you know, you know. Check out the Sniper Elite 5 system requirements to make sure your PC has the proper loadout.

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