Golden Bros tier list – Bros ranked from best to worst



Bros Animal S

  • Master Kung
  • Lady Thunder
  • Margaret

Master Kung is no doubt the strongest hero in Golden Bros at present. It’s a melee hero, and in any good hands is simply unbeatable and can take down not just one or two but all three members of the opposite team by himself. His ultimate ability, ‘Rising Dragon’, deals a critical blow with a powerful uppercut. The ability cooldown is reset if the enemy taking damage is knocked down. However, playing Master Kung is not easy and requires a lot of practice.

On the other hand, Lady Thunder and Margaret are pretty simple to learn. Lady Thunder is personally my favorite character in the entire game. Her ultimate Zapping Cannon starts an electrical storm that pulls nearby enemies and deals damage. It’s a powerful ultimate and can one-shot kill opponent’s caught in its range. However, the ultimate has to be aimed carefully.


Bros Tier A

  • jennifer
  • Braine Newey
  • Gregory
  • Bruce Wannabe

Jennifer is a ranged bro and is quite quick on the battlefield. Her ultimate, Spray and Pray, is one of the craziest ones in the game and can take down all three opponents if aimed at properly. Apart from the ultimate, Jennifer is a very easy-to-learn bro, and since it’s a Grade A hero, you can easily upgrade it to higher levels.

Braine Newey is against a Grade A hero that is easy to learn. It’s a ranged hero that fits it perfect for open 3v3 battles, so if you are battling in the rapper street, then don’t forget to give Braine Newery a try. It’s powerful on that map because of the extra duck turrets that he places on the map.


Bros Animal B

  • Sugar Sugar
  • CrownHunter
  • Shooting Star K

Bros on the B tier list should be avoided. You should only pick them if you want to do something crazy. Sugar-Sugar is an S Grade hero, but his performance is poor on the battlefield. His attacks are easily dodgeable, and overall he isn’t a good fit for any map. The only good thing is that his costume looks pretty sick.

Crown Hunter is a decent bro, but since it’s more of a support hero, you should only be picking it if you are playing with your friend. If you are going to play with random players, then Crown Hunter isn’t the best pick, as playing with Crown Hunter requires a lot of coordination with your other teammates to yield the best results on the battlefield.

With that, we conclude our Golden Bros Tier list. For similar content, take a look at our collection of similar content including Counter: Side tier list, Battle Cats tier list, and a lot of others. Go through the website and you’re sure to find something that will interest you.

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