Shovel Knight development studio has been working on an unannounced 3D game


Yacht Club Games, the team behind the acclaimed Shovel Knight series, has been quietly working on an unannounced 3D game for the past five or six years. The news was revealed in a recent Ars Technica interview with Yacht Club Games, Alec Faulkner. Speaking about the teams latest project, Mina the Hollower, Alec stated that the firm has also been working on a 3D game, though he wouldn’t give away anymore than that. It is not clear if the project is a 3D Shovel Knight game, or a new series entirely. Either way, it is clearly very exciting news.

“This engine is actually brand new, made from scratch by our team. That’s been our secret for the past five or six years—it’s being used to develop both this game and concurrently our unannounced 3D game.”

Alec Faulkner, Yacht Club Games


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