Here’s how you can earn Sacred Shards in RAID Shadow Legends


The RAID Shadow Legends developers have tried to make sure that more and more people play the game every day. There is a lot to love about the game: unique RAID champions, deep lore, and the ability to collect legendary heroes to use in battle against your enemies.

But how do you get legendary champions? You can get legendaries by using Sacred Shards. How do you get Sacred Shards? Read this guide, and you will find out how you can earn Sacred Shards in RAID Shadow Legends.


Sacred shards are the most desirable shards in the game. You can use them to get an epic or legendary champion. However, it is worth noting that getting a shard will not be an easy task.


Even though getting these shards will be a challenging task, there are a couple of ways to get them sooner rather than later.

There are 11 ways to farm Sacred Shards in the game. The list can be found below:

  1. arena
  2. clan boss
  3. Daily login rewards
  4. DoomTower
  5. dungeon challenges
  6. Events
  7. Mission milestones
  8. Monthly quests
  9. packs
  10. progression rewards
  11. Referral


The Arena Sacred Shards farming option is ideal for anyone with champions strong enough to take part in Platinum Tier Arenas. Under these conditions, you will be able to get a Platinum Arena chest containing Sacred Shards.

There is an easier option if you are far away from the Platinum Arena. Sacred Shards can be obtained from the Tag Team Arena Bazaar. These can be obtained once you have reached Gold Tier.

clan boss

As soon as you start playing, you need to find a clan to defeat monsters and bosses. There are many bosses in the game; each of them is strong in its own way. It will require all your strong champions, as well as equally powerful clan members.

During the day, players can take part in raids against bosses to earn many useful resources. One of them is a coveted Sacred Shard. To get one, you have to go through “Nightmare” or “Ultra Nightmare” modes. After defeating a boss, you will be rewarded with a chest, from which Sacred Shards can be dropped.

Daily login rewards

Every day, as soon as you log in, you receive a daily reward. This is a unique bonus that can be earned once a day, so remember to log in daily. The first Sacred Shard will be obtained on day 78, so it is recommended to remember to log in frequently.


You can reach the Doom Tower at level 40. This method of Raid Shadow Legends Sacred Shards farming will be useful for late-game players. The reason for this is that to get Sacred Shards, it is necessary to complete the Doom Tower in hard mode. Two Sacred Shards can be obtained from the Doom Tower – one during a walkthrough of the Doom Tower itself and one after the last level.

dungeon challenges

These are special quests related to completing dungeons. The reward for completing all dungeon challenges is a Sacred Shard. When you reach the fifth part of the dungeon challenges, you will receive another Sacred Shard.


The RAID Shadow Legends developers have made sure to leave players with plenty of content. They are constantly adding various events that can be used to get a lot of valuable resources, including a Sacred Shard. However, the developers do not always give them as rewards. Therefore, you will have to wait for them to appear in the list of rewards in upcoming events.

Mission milestones

Once you reach a certain number of completed quests (151 to be exact), you will be rewarded with one free Sacred Shard. Another reason to make sure you’re completing as many missions as possible.

Monthly quests

To get one Sacred Shard, it is recommended to complete monthly quests, which consist of five missions. It will, unsurprisingly, take a month to complete, as one of the monthly missions can be a mission where players need to complete daily tasks. Monthly quests will only be updated once you have completed the previous five.


There is an easier way to get a Sacred Shard – buying Sacred Shards for money. That way you will get the Sacred Shards as well, and a nice bonus along with them. However, it is not recommended to use it often.

progression rewards

As the account reaches new levels, the game provides rewards and useful resources. In particular, a Sacred Shard can be obtained for levels 60 and 100.


This option is great for those who have a person who will use a referral link and play, gaining level after level. When the referee reaches level 60, you will get a Sacred Shard. However, this option is time-consuming and there is a chance that whoever follows the referral link won’t continue playing. So, there is an alternative option – it is possible to create a second account and level up to 60.

That’s it! Every possible way to earn the precious Sacred Shards in RAID at the moment. Since it’s a game that takes a while to grow especially if you are a F2P player, we would suggest you go through the tier list of best champions in RAID: Shadow Legends. Picking the right champions is paramount to being a top player.

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