This Affordable Simulator Lets You Play Golf At Home


Looking to play a few virtual rounds of golf, but need something a bit more realistic than Mario Golf: Super Rush? Consider checking out the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim – Home Golf MicroSimulator, which lets you swing clubs at home to perfect your skills before heading out to the links. Right now, you can snag the advanced system for just $205, which includes everything you need to get set up with the 4K golfing simulator. Amazon sells the SLX MicroSim for $239, so you’re saving a nice chunk of cash by purchasing through GameSpot Deals.

$205 (was $250)

One of the best things about the Home Golf MicroSimulator is its impressive reaction time, as your movements are translated to on-screen actions in just 0.12 seconds–making for a seamless golfing experience. The simulator works by connecting to your iOS device or Windows PC, which then tracks your swing using the included smart stick.

You’ll get real-time data about your performance, and the game lets you venture out to some of the most famous courses in the golfing world thanks to an included six-month membership to E6 Connect. You’ll also enjoy the sensor’s lengthy eight-hour battery life, letting you golf all day without a need to recharge.

The biggest downside to the Home Golf MicroSimulator is its compatibility. Right now, folks looking to connect via Mac or Android are out of luck–although an update scheduled for later this year should add Android functionality.

It’s definitely not as robust or feature rich as high-end sensors and simulators on the market, but considering those can run cost thousands of dollars, this $205 kit is a great option for golfers who need a reliable and fun at-home simulator that won ‘t break the bank.

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