Analysts are now discussing Breath of The Wild 2’s ability to run on the Switch


You may recall that, a couple of days ago, some tech experts at Digital Foundry speculated that the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild may not be running on a Nintendo Switch, but hardware that may be more powerful.

Well, some analysts are now taking a look at the same gameplay trailer footage that Digital Foundry did, and they have joined the debate. For example, Dr. Serkan Toto said that “I personally believe [Digital Foundry is] making a good case here, and I would bet not my life, but a handsome amount of money that the BOTW 2 launch will be accompanied by a new/upgraded Switch next year”. However, Dr. Toto also says that “I’m certain that Nintendo would ensure that BOTW 2 performs well enough for the existing Switch owners to enjoy”.

Meanwhile, George Jijiashvili said that “We can speculate on this all day, but Nintendo without a doubt will want to get BOTW 2 on as many Switch consoles as possible. Limiting BOTW 2 to only Switch 2 owners wouldn’t make any business sense”.

So, will The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild 2 release alongside a successor to the Switch? dr Serkan Toto says that “instead of a Switch 2, I think an appearance of the mystical Pro [model] would make much more sense to support the launch of BOTW 2”. And as for George Jijiashvili, he says that “we know that Nintendo doesn’t shy away from delaying games if it feels it’s not ready yet. We therefore can’t fully rule out BOTW 2 launching at the same time as Switch 2, if the game keeps getting delayed a la Metroid Prime 4”.


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