One Legendary Player Is Repeatedly Soloing Elden Ring’s Hardest Boss On Behalf Of Their Fellow Tarnished


Elden Ring’s toughest boss, Malenia, blade of Miquella, may need to change her “I have never known defeat” tagline, as one player has made it their personal mission to defeat her time and time again on behalf of other players desperate for help.

Imagine this: You’re stuck on Elden Ring’s hardest boss. You’ve tried and failed dozens of times and you just want the whole ordeal to be over. You look to summon another player to aid you in your struggle. A summon sign appears with the name “Let me solo her,” along with a vision of the player’s appearance. He appears to be dual-wielding katanas and wearing nothing but a loincloth and a pot for a helmet. Is this person serious? Do they really have what it takes to solo Malenia all on their own, wearing almost no armor?

Indeed, let me alone her do have what it takes. As numerous posts on the Elden Ring subreddit can attest to, Let me solo her is the real deal, dueling Malenia 1v1 and oftentimes emerging completely unscathed. Those who summon the mighty pot-wearing warrior need only sit back and watch the show. Let me solo her’s actions have even inspired fan art by a thankful community.

The multiplayer component to Fromsoft games is fairly modest compared to most games, and yet it’s so damn elegant that one player who helps others get past Elden Ring’s hardest boss is being mythologized and revered by the community

— Paul R (@lbcyber) April 13, 2022

It appears Let me solo her’s username on social media is Klein Tsuboi, who’s uploaded a video of one of their Malenia duels to YouTube and also posted on Reddit to let other PC players know that their summon sign “will be down for desperate Tarnished as always .” If Malenia is proving to be too much trouble for you, maybe look for Let me solo her’s sign and give them a summon. Then relax and watch one nearly naked warrior who has never known defeat make Elden Ring’s most challenging enemy look like child’s play.

If, however, you insist on challenging Malenia yourself, this guide will help.

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