Ballads of Hongye is a gorgeous Chinese-themed city builder


Ballads of Hongye’s newly-released alpha trailer immediately commands attention with its stunning Chinese architecture and flashy UI. Developer Seasun Games has announced the alpha test, starting on April 18, with a rather eye-catching showing. This upcoming city builder aims to showcase ancient Chinese architecture with a wealth of beautifully animated buildings based on historical Chinese designs.

As the magistrate of your town, you are tasked with racing against time to complete objectives in order to expand and upgrade your settlement. Ballad of Hongye places a focus on time-limited challenges, and should you not manage to complete your agreements in time then the potential resources will be lost.

Challenges will offer players a randomly generated building plan, setting out the buildings and industry that must be used in order to complete the task successfully. Players will also have to contend with seasonal weather as well as natural disasters such as plagues, droughts, and famines. Of course, there will be plenty of potential ways to contend with these issues by building appropriate infrastructure such as fire stations and the intriguingly named Insect Rack.

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