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By now, you’re probably aware about Capcom Fighting Collection. Capcom had announced it earlier this year, in February. The game is a compilation of 10 fighting games, as well as the inclusion of an Online Rollback Netcode. Well, not only has there been a new trailer, but pre-order details about the game have been released.

Those who pre-order the game or purchase it before September 22nd, 2022 can get some bonus content. It was previously announced that the game will have a music player with 400 tracks, a museum with over 500 pieces of art, a training mode, mid-game saves, EX settings, and more. However, early purchases and pre-orders will reward players with some bonus content in the Museum.

There will also be 18 remixed music tracks. 8 were done by CAP-JAMS, 6 by Knxwledge, and 1 each by Mndsgn, KEIZOmachine!, Olive Oil, and Matt Cab. Players will also get 5 exclusive illustrations. Chisato Mita, Yuri Kataiwa, Ryuji Higurashi, Tamio, and SAKUTAMO did 1 illustration each.

Lastly, if players also happen to get Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, pre-ordering Capcom Fighting Collection or purchasing it early will reward players an extra game for the former, – Three Wonders –. Capcom Fighting Collection is slated to launch on June 24th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The trailer can be seen down below.

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