Star Stable – How to get Star Coins


Star Rider Subscription

This is arguably the easiest way to rack up some Star Coins in Star Stable. Signing up for the Star Rider Subscription allows you to earn Star Coins automatically on a weekly basis. What’s great is that you don’t need to worry about shopping for Star Coins.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the game. Next thing you know, you’ll have a nice chunk of change in your virtual pocket to go along with the shillings you’re earning. Other popular mobile games have followed this method as well.

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It’s always nice when you check and see yourself slowly build up your in-game wealth. As we mentioned, you can use these coins for almost anything in the game. The prices are $9 for 26 days which will net you 86 Star Coins. There’s a $21 plan that gives you 239 Star Coins over a 72-day stretch. If you are a little hesitant then don’t worry, you can do a 14-day plan for only $.99 so overall you have a few options.

Buy Star Coins Online

If you want to get some Star Coins in Star Stable the classic way, you certainly can. Visiting the game’s website will allow you to buy some for your account. The prices are a bit more expensive but the cheapest package will net you 500 Star Coins for $18.99.

You can get up to a whopping 10,000 Star Coins but for a hefty $103. Other options include 1000 for $32 and 5000 for $68. You can also buy one of two Star Rider subscriptions online as well. There’s a three-month pack for $22.99 and there’s even a one-time $103 plan where you’ll get your weekly in-game allowance and a one-time 3000 Star Coins upfront without having to pay weekly or monthly.

These come in different styled digital gift cards whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone else, you have a few design styles to choose from.

Buying Directly Through The Game

Probably the most convenient way to grab some Star Coins in Star Stable is directly through the game’s store on your phone or tablet. Here, you’ll have three options and are all pretty affordable. The first one gives you 44 coins for $3, the next 87 for $6 and the last option offers 400 coins for $16.

This is also the same area where you can purchase the Star Rider plans as well. But if you just want to go for a one-time payment and don’t worry about subscription fees then this is the way to go. If you’re starting out, the amount that’s available is fair in order to kick things off.

And as always, considering the options through your phone comes in handy if you’re not near a computer (if you initially wanted to go that route anyway). This for sure is a popular way of buying some of these shiny blue coins.

Earning Star Coins will be a breeze now after you read our guide. Can we suggest Pet Simulator X codes for diamonds, coins and boosts, and Archero codes to claim free gems and coins?

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