Some experts think Breath Of The Wild 2 looks too good to run on a Switch


The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild had been announced a few years ago. Progress has been slow but steady, despite an announcement of the game’s release being delayed to next year that also came with a new trailer. And that trailer has gotten some tech experts speculating about something interesting.

In a recent episode of Digital Foundtry Weekly, Richard Leadbetter, John Linneman, and Alex Battaglia talked about the trailer that had been released last month. They also did a breakdown of the trailer’s technical aspects, such as anti-aliasing, 1080p/720p rendering, draw distances, and more.

Eventually, a conclusion was reached that the game is too big to perform on the Nintendo Switch, and they may be saving it for a more powerful console. In fact, Battaglia speculated that the sequel could launch similar to its predecessor, getting a release on the Switch and whatever console comes next.

Battaglia also noted that the camera cuts in the trailer had perfect anti-aliasing, and the volumetric clouds were not breaking down when Link approaches them in the sky. This leads Battlaglia to suggest that the game is running on a revised and more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch.

That said, Linneman noted that this isn’t something that Nintendo typically does. Nintendo usually makes sure that, when showing games in trailers, the game being shown is exactly how it is run on the hardware. All of this is speculation based on observations, and nothing has been made official. However, if Nintendo does confirm something like this, we’ll let you know.


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