Elden Ring speedrunner achieves new record run in under 9 minutes


With a game as big as Elden Ring, it’s shocking to hear a person could beat it in under 30 minutes. Well, now that’s old news. The speedrunner with the first run under 19 minutes, Distortion2, has posted another record-breaking run, beating the game in under nine minutes.

We’ve embedded the video of the impressive run above, which beat out a sub-13 minute record set over the weekend.

Because this is an Any% and “unrestricted” speedrun, anything goes when getting to the game fast. That means there are a lot of glitches as Distortion2 breaks through the world’s boundaries to quickly reach endgame areas. The record isn’t listed up on speedrun.com just yet, but should come soon. Speedrunners continue to compete in Elden Ring speedruns in all sorts of categories, some using glitches and others not.

Distortion2 avoids combat, and instead dodges enemies or bypasses them completely. It’s an impressive feat that requires a combination of technical skills and research; the streaming speedrunner has put dozens of hours into running the game. To get around quickly, Distortion2 does a lot of falling off clips, sometimes paired with a quick restart of the game.

Elden Ring was released in late February, and there’s still plenty more left to find in the game. Who knows what the speedrunning community will come up with next? Distortion2, for one, isn’t stopping here: They think a sub-7 minute run is also possible, and will keep trying for that.

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