UK charts: PS5 has now outsold N64 and Xbox Series X|S outsold GameCube lifetime sales


UK video game journalist and publisher of the weekly UK software charts on Games Industry, Christopher Dring, has revealed some updates regarding current-gen console sales in the United Kingdom. Mr. Dring reports that Sony’s PlayStation 5 system has now outsold the lifetime sales of the Nintendo 64 console in the UK and the Xbox Series X|S has easily surpassed the total sales of the GameCube. He states that if there was more stock of both current-gen systems, then they would have broken even more records. It’s certainly going to be an interesting generation, that’s for sure!

PS5 is now bigger than the N64 in the UK, and is closing in on the GBA. Xbox Series S/X overtook the GameCube a few months back. If only there was more stock, we’d be seeing some serious records breaking here. Long generations ahead

— Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) April 5, 2022

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