Starfield Development Video Introduces Robotic Companion Vasco



April 5, 2022

A new video uploaded by the Italian Bethesda Softworks YouTube account has given a look at Vasco, a robot companion that will be at your side in the upcoming Starfield.

The video is narrated by Istvan Pely, the lead artist on Starfield. Vacso is described as “Constellation’s very own expedition robot.”

While it has been uploaded by the Italian Bethesda Softworks channel, the video is in English, it just has Italian subtitles. You can watch the video for yourself here and below:

“He’s a utilitarian, heavy industrial machine well suited to the rigors of space travel.”

While there are looks at Vasco, in game, they are the closest thing there is to gameplay showing him off. Though the voice lines heard in the video are sure to become commonplace as you travel together.

While a majority of the video does seem to describe Vasco as a companion focused on helping haul cargo, there is a mention that “Vasco does have defensive capability, should the need arise, but his primary role is peaceful.”

Starfield was first announced in June of 2018. Last year it was announced that Starfield would feature a “fully voiced Japanese track” of over 150,000 lines. The currently expected release date for Starfield is November 11, but that is easily subject to change. With Bethesda having been acquired by Xbox, Starfield is currently set to only release on PC and the Xbox family of consoles. It is unknown if it will at some point come to PlayStation, but it is unlikely.

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