E3 2022 has been canceled


News has emerged this evening that the annual E3 event has been canceled this year and that’s both the physical event and also the digital event. It shouldn’t come as much of a loss as the major gaming companies generally hold their own digital event and that’s unlikely to change this year. E3 will be back in 2023 and the organizers are apparently planning for a big comeback. It’s unclear if Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will hold their own annual events in June this year or if they plan to spread out over the summer period.

“According to sources speaking to IGN at the time, discussions around E3 had been fraught throughout the year, with third parties normally involved finding the ESA’s ongoing silence regarding their frustrating plans.

Discussions about a possible digital equivalent have been ongoing ever since, but without strong momentum to drive them. Instead, the ESA seems to be making plans to regroup for a larger comeback in 2023.”



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