The Old Nintendo Headquarters Hotel Looks Stunning Inside


Pictured is Nintendo's old headquarters.

I’ve always loved how this building looks.Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

When it was announced that Nintendo’s former headquarters was going to be turned into a hotel, I imagined the worse case scenario: a cheesy cash-in to make some quick yen. That certainly doesn’t appear to be the end result. The hotel looks to be a stunning celebration of Nintendo’s heritage.

The building has long been a popular pilgrimage site, with Nintendo fans trekking over to stand outside and take selfies. But starting this Friday, it will open as Marufukuro—meaning, you can now sleep and eat here.

Pictured is the entry area.

I believe the flooring has not been changed. Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

Previously, we saw images of the headquarters prior to renovation. Now, a day before guests arrive, we have a look at how the revamped digs look—and I must say, they appear to be spectacular.

Pictured is a room.

This is a very classy, ​​yet comfortable-looking hotel. Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

The renovation seems to be lovely, and respectfully done—like a restoration that offers overnight accommodation.

The hotel is filled with antiques.

Pictured are hanafuda sets.

Nintendo made hanafuda cards. Screenshot: Paolo from Tokyo/YouTube/Kotaku

there are hanafuda cards on the wall, and other nodes to Nintendo’s playing card pedigree.

Pictured is the library.

Here is the library. I quite like it. Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

There is also a library called “DNA,” that pays tribute to Nintendo’s history, complete with a Famicom and digital displays showing hanafuda cards.

Pictured is a gathering area.

More class. Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

Made up of three connected buildings, the hotel has 18 rooms, including seven suites. One of the buildings is the former Yamauchi family home.

Pictured is an old elevator.

This is actually a former warehouse that’s been changed into part of the hotel. Note how they’ve kept the original eleavtor. Screenshot: Paolo from Tokyo/YouTube/Kotaku

World-famous architect Tadao Ando designed a new annex for the hotel.

Rooms start at 100,000 yen ($822) a night. The hotel is all inclusive, so guests get breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also apparently snacks available all around the clock.

Pictured is breakfast.

The food looks good. Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

This isn’t Nintendo’s first headquarters. ​​In 1889, Fusajiro Yamauchi founded Marufuku Nintendo Card Co., producing traditional Japanese playing cards called hanafuda, and eventually Western playing cards as well. That building was demolished in 2004, and is apparently now a parking lot.

Pictured is another meal.

OK, now I’m hungry. Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

In the past few years, other landmarks have been turned into hotels, with the final results varying, and sometimes not turning out so great. This hotel, however, looks very nice.

Pictured is an interior at the hotel.

I imagine it’s going to be hard to get a reservation here. Image: 株式会社 Plan・Do・See マーケティング室

Check out an inside tour by Paolo from Tokyo in the clip below:

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