Former Nintendo Minute co-host thinks Nintendo should reconsider Switch Online service offerings


Former Nintendo Minute co-host Kit has spoken candidly about his thoughts on Nintendo’s offerings in the Nintendo Switch Online service. While he admits he has enjoyed revisiting some of the classic game the subscription offers, he makes a valid point that younger fans aren’t really interested in checking out games such as Ice Hockey on the NES app in 2022. There’s so many great games available these days including free-to-play games, plus there’s plenty of cheap delightful indies, which are all looking to occupy your free time. Revising the service with newer types of games and more third party classics would be a more enticing prospect for subscribers.

“This is just me if I was still working at Nintendo, I would love to get something newer, cause this stuff is old…and if you’re a younger player you’re like what is this, and why would I want to play Ice Hockey on NES, that means nothing to me…a lot of those NES game are like early, early NES games that belong in a museum.”

Kit also said that he thinks the Kyoto-based company should be more transparent about the Nintendo Switch Online subscription services offering as we’ve had a trick of retro titles spread out over a fairly long period. It basically appears that he believes that more effort should go into the service.

“This is where I have an issue…I think giving people an indication of what the plan is helping, like how often am I going to be getting these…I think the initial NES and Super Nintendo games – those were awesome groups of games, but then everything after that has been kind of bad for the most part, and it became very inconsistent, so it’s like are they basically done with this versus the stuff they dug up that I’ve never heard of…yeah, so that’s what I get worried about where they added Nintendo 64 and Genesis – it’s like what is the plan? I almost have more confidence in Sega to deliver their best Genesis stuff than I do with the other platforms.”

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