Survival game Sons of the Forest release date is delayed


Developer Endnight Games confirms a Sons of the Forest release date delay that pushes the anticipated horror survival game sequel to late 2022. The game, which is basically The Forest 2, will no longer release in May as planned.

Sons of the Forest is the follow-up to the survival-horror game The Forest, where the player is the survivor of a plane crash and has to stay alive in the mysterious titular forest, with creepy cannibals and starvation just a couple of the dangers in store. It sold really well, so it’s no surprise that the team is working on a sequel.

Endnight Games hasn’t said much about Sons of the Forest, other than a creepy teaser trailer that dropped alongside the announcement of a May 2022 release date. Unfortunately, the developer now says that this date was “overly ambitious” and the team won’t be able to make it. Endnight confirms a delay for Sons of the Forest—it’s still coming this year, but not until the spookier autumn time.

Sons of the Forest release date

Sons of the Forest is due to release in October 2022, after being delayed from May. This could conceivably slip again but fans will have to wait and see for now.

hey everyone,

Over these past few weeks, we have realized that our May 2022 release date for Sons Of The Forest was overly ambitious. To be able to deliver our vision of the next step in survival games, we’ve decided to move our release date to October 2022

The team at Endnight

— Endnight Games (@EndNightGame) March 25, 2022

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