11 Best Elden Ring Mods You Can Download Now


Elden Ring is sure to feature right at the very top of most people’s game of the year list later in the year despite it only being March. Indeed, FromSoftware’s first foray into open-world design has been an absolute triumph that has earned critical acclaim across the board, including us here at Twinfinite. Still, there’s always room for tweaks and changes, either because there’s something you really was different or simply because you’re in the mood to muck around. Here we’re listing the 11 best Elden Ring mods you can download now.

Do note that using mods while in online mode is highly like to get you banned, so be very careful if you value your ability to play Elden Ring online moving forward. Also, we recommend using the Elden Ring Mod Loader tool to make loading mods much simpler, which involves disabling the game’s anti-cheat software with another tool you can find here.

1. Magic Overhaul—Sorceries

FromSoftware games have always featured spellcasting, but Elden Ring has the most robust system in any Souls game to date. Still, it’s not perfect, and actually, there are some frustrating aspects to the balance of different spells that renders many of the cool-looking ones somewhat useless.

This magic overhaul mod from Tellah9 creates new sorceries from some already-existing ones and gives you a diverse range of interesting and powerful magic that actually works well in combat situations.

You can download the Magic Overhaul – Sorceries mod for Elden Ring here.

2. Elden Ring Easy Mode

best elden ring mods

Elden Ring purists will scoff at the notion of an easy mode in a FromSoftware game, but if that’s the case then they probably shouldn’t be modding Elden Ring in the first place! For anyone not fussed about spoiling the ‘creative vision’ of the game and would prefer not to bash their heads against a wall after dying over and over again, here’s an easy mode mod to reduce difficulty. It makes the following adjustments:

  • Reduce 50% incoming damage
  • Player deals 25% more damage
  • Get 10x runes

Elden Ring Easy Mode Mod Download link

If this is too much for you, there are other mods that offer an easier difficulty without such drastic measures.

Here’s one that makes your HP/FP recover automatically, and another that gives you an ‘ultimate start’ with better weapons and a Rune boost.

3. HDR Fix & Reshade

best elden ring mods

There are the usual range of mods to improve and tweak visual performance, but Vanguard1776’s seems to be the pick of the bunch. This modder has a history of quality reshade mods for several notable AAA games, so we’re confident in the quality of the work.

You can visit the NexusMods page to download the HDR Fix & Reshade mod for Elden Ring and check out a range of images that showcase the differences in vibrancy and lighting.

4. Grand Merchant

best elden ring mods

If you’ve ever just wished there was a single merchant who more or less stocked everything then the Grand Merchant is a must-download mod.

It “grants easy access to all items via the Item Crafting menu, similar to Honest Merchant from DS3. Everything is craftable for free.”

Spells are not included, though, which is a bit of a shame. Still, this mod just makes building a character so much easier and faster. You can download the Grand Merchant Elden Ring mod here.

5. FOV Increase

best elden ring mods

More field of view is always a good thing if you ask us, and PC players typically benefit from the option to increase it in most games. Elden Ring isn’t one of them, though, so you’ll want to download the FOV Increase mod if you’re after better peripheral vision.

6. Melina Spirit Summon

If you’ve always thought it would be nice to have Melina help you out with more than just words of wisdom, this Melina Spirit Summon mod that turns her into a usable spirit summon is the hot ticket.

It transforms her into a Spirit that casts an AoE healing spell, and an AoE damage spell, and shoots fire beams. Apparently, she also calls you ‘maidenless’ a fair few times as well!

7. Ranged Weapon Overhaul

best elden ring mods

According to Phemeto “this mod aims to rebalance most of the games ranged options, such as the Bows, Great bows, Crossbows, Ballista, and throwing weapons as they’re pretty lackluster with their options.” You can actually watch a video that provides a detailed overview of the changes here.

Like the look of it? You can download Elden Ring’s Ranged Weapon Overhaul mod here.

8. FFVII Buster Sword

Ok, so this one is a little bit niche given that it’s only going to appeal to Elden Ring players who also love Final Fantasy VII!

The Elden Ring Buster Sword mod is so damn cool, and it really makes for a fun weapon to wield across The Lands Between. If you’re wondering, it’s a replacement for the Greatsword, so the stats are identical.

9. Thomas the Tank Engine Tree Sentinal

Ah, yes, of course the ever popular Thomas the Tank Engine skin swap has made its way to Elden Ring, and of course, we’re going to include it on our best mods list for the game!

This time around, the iconic tank engine replaces the mount of the imposing Tree Sentinel — one of the first bosses you’ll encounter in Limgrave.

Just a bit of fun, but worth checking out to bring a bit of whimsy to The Lands Between.

10. Unlock frame rate

unlocked framerate mod for elden ring

If you’re fortunate enough to own a PC that can extract the best from Elden Ring, or you’re just after high performance over visual fidelity, then this unlock framerate mod will be handy.

It does exactly what it says on the tin and allows you to run near-unlimited framerates.

11. Remove Black bars in Ultrawide

best elden ring mods

This one is pretty self-explanatory, it simply removes the black bars on either side of the gameplay when using ultrawide resolutions. A must have for those running wide screens! Here’s the download link.

For now, that rounds out our list of the best elden ring mods you can download right now. We’ll keep this updated as the game’s talented modding community makes even more awesome mods.

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