Phobies guide – Tips and tricks to improve your gameplay


Phobias is not just about waiting for your turn, and that’s a massive relief! You have a number of other content to clear and ladders to climb, so if you’re not sure what to do while you wait for your next turn, you can check out all the possible options below:

Use a referral code for 100 free coffee

Did you know that you can use a referral code to earn some free coffee? 100 Coffee to be precise – that’s super useful, especially as a free-to-play player.

To claim this, simply head over to Settings (the lamp above the Arena) and then tap on Options. Scroll down until you see the Redeem a Referral and then type in your code. If you don’t have one, you can use the one I listed below:

You can also share yours with fellow players who are in need of a code, down in the comments section.

Challenge the… challenges!

Challenges are additional levels (versus AI) where you have to complete specific requests, such as killing a specific unit, under some set conditions. There are 50 challenges and they each reward you with XP, Tears and even Coffee! Definitely worth completing them all.

Re-check your battle logs, especially your losses

Your battle logs are short video compilations of all of the battles you took part in thus far. You can review them by heading over to your profile in the upper left corner of the screen, and then tapping on the far right button named Battle Logs (which has a movie reel icon). You should check the ones that show your losses, so you can check what you did wrong and what you can learn from your opponents.

It’s rare that you can learn something from the wins, but sometimes you can find useful tactics and information in those too.

Level up your account to unlock more rewards

How to level up your account, you may ask? Or… what is the stress level in phobias? Simple – they’re one and the same thing. Stress level is basically your account level, and that can be upgraded by playing and completing more games. You will unlock various cards and other rewards for each level you reach too!

Save your coffee for the shiny Dreadful Pack

I know, I know, it sounds like a chore more than anything else, but trust me – it’s WORTH it. The pack gives you 53k XP (which is a ton!) on top of 377 upgrade cards, out of which you have 36 Rare and 25 Ultra Rare. That’s definitely worth the wait if you ask me!

Consider the 7 days 50% BOOST pack

This pack is under Deals -> Boosts, and it costs 70 Coffee for gaining an additional 50% XP bonus. It’s something you can always find a good use for, especially if you don’t fancy waiting until you have 2000 Coffee.

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