The Batman’s Joker Revealed In New Deleted Arkham Scene


Remember back when every big movie had an ARG associated with it to drum up enthusiasm? The Batman remembers. Alongside the release of the film, Warner Bros. launched a Riddler-inspired website. After people solved a bunch of riddles, we now have our prize: a deleted scene from the film featuring Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker. Spoilers follow for The Batman.

The film ends with the Riddler behind bars within earshot of the Clown Prince of Crime, forging a potential alliance. The film doesn’t give us a clear look at the Joker, but it’s pretty clear that that’s exactly who he’s talking to. Originally, though, the Joker was supposed to have his own scene with Batman.

The scene is short but informative. The Joker tells Batman that it’s their one-year anniversary; this isn’t an origin story for the Joker anymore than it is for Batman–they already know each other. Batman visits the Joker to get his opinion on some of the Riddler’s scribblings. The Joker responds by teasing Batman, though he rightly suggests that the Riddler might be a fan of the Dark Knight’s work.

While we don’t get a clear look at the Joker in this scene, we do get a lot more of him than we did in the actual movie. This Joker is more deeply scarred than even Heath Ledger’s version, with the acid that twisted his mind having also burned much of his skin. His hair is partially missing, and he’s even bleeding around the mouth. With so many takes on the Joker out there these days, it’s no surprise that Reeves and Co. are searching for a new take on the character.

The Batman has spent its time since its release at #1 in the box office and has made over $600 million worldwide. While a sequel to The Batman has not yet been announced, it seems almost a given at this point that we’ll be seeing Battinson and this new version of the Joker again.

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