Nintendo Treehouse’s Samantha Robertson has left Nintendo


Every E3, Nintendo holds a series of live streams called Nintendo Treehouse. These streams showcase various games that the company will be releasing later on in the year. Nintendo Treehouse streams feature a variety of people within the company.

One of the Nintendo Treehouse regulars is Samantha Robertson. Unfortunately, she has decided to join Nintendo Minute’s Kit and Krysta in leaving Nintendo. Robertson had worked at Nintendo for 11 years. She announced her departure on Twitter, so you can see her tweets about the matter down below.

I recognize that being able to take this step back is a privilege, and it’s not a move I make lightly. I’m excited to share future updates with you as I figure out what comes next. (2/4)

— Samantha Robertson (@EditingEntropy) March 23, 2022

Video games and the gaming community remain a huge part of my life. This is an industry I am passionate about. I think it’s incredible. I think it can be even better. And I don’t think I’m done with it yet. (4/4)

— Samantha Robertson (@EditingEntropy) March 23, 2022

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