Framed Is A Wordle-Like With Scenes From Movies


Guessing random letters and using them to construct a word is so last January 2022, because the new hot trivia game on the digital block is Framed. Unlike Wordle or Quordle, Framed is a visual game that tests your cinematic memory.

The rules are simple, as you’ll be shown a single frame from a movie and you’ll have to guess which film it’s from. Get it wrong and you’ll be shown another frame, with a maximum of six guesses allowed in total.

My first guess of Pacific Rim was completely wrong.

You can of course cheat the system by dragging the highlighted frame into Google Image search, but it’ll be a hollow victory. Winners don’t use Google.

Like Wordle, Framed is a daily game that refreshes itself every 24 hours with a new selection of film frames. It’s also unlikely to run foul of Wordle’s new owner, The New York Times, which recently issued a takedown notice to Wordle Archive.

Since Wordle became a hit game, it has inspired a number of similar word-puzzle games in its wake. There’s dungeon crawler Dungleon, Lewdle which requires you to wash your mouth after playing it, the Swiftie-themed Taylordle, and even a battle royale game called Squabble.

If Wordle is still your go-to game, you can check out our feature on the best Wordle starting words to give you an advantage when you start playing every morning.

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