Unity’s Enemies Video Is A Jaw-Dropping Preview Of Gaming Tech


The trailer starts out with a stunning display of environment animation, showing us a room filled with statues, ornaments, windows, and columns; it looks like something you’d see in an art museum. We’re then shown the mysterious woman who stars in the trailer โ€” the patterns on her outfit as intricate as the ornaments behind her โ€” as she plays chess. Behind her, the environment slowly changes, disappearing to reveal the Earth and a starry sky.

In order to create “Enemies,” Unity utilized various technologies available in its arsenal. The entire process was described on Unity’s website. Compared to “The Heretic,” a previous trailer made to show off what Unity can do, there have been a number of improvements in the creation of the digital human that we can see in “Enemies.” Unity points to changes like a better 3D pipeline, a special graphics card-based skin attachment system to create realistic-looking peach fuzz and similar meshes, and even tension tech to simulate blood flow simulation. The latter eliminates the need to use a facial rig to fine-tune all the minute details that make a computerized face appear human.

It may seem like a small thing, but hair is one detail that video games often fail to get right. It’s not a surprise โ€” hair is not easy to animate, there’s a lot of it, and lifelike hair movements are tricky to get right. In this, Unity succeeds as well, using a new strand-based real-time hair solution to animate the character’s locks. The environment has also been created using a host of new features, including Screen Space Global Illumination. Unity utilized Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) as well as real-time ray tracing to create a demo that runs at 4K resolution.

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