Gaming Tech Company Pentanet Raises $20m For Cloud Boost – channelnews


Perth-based telco Pentanet has garnered funding commitments to raise $20 million in a bid to launch a gaming service that taps into the cloud to offer the processing power of a high-end gaming PC on just about any device, the company said.

The launch of GeForce NOW Powered by Pentanet coincided with the unveiling of a beta version of its own CloudGG portal, which it describes as a “complete gaming experience” with 50,000 quests completed by users within its first week of launch.

Following an IPO earlier this year, founder Stephen Cornish said Pentanet has grown its subscriber base by 20pc and netted a 15-year license for high band 5G spectrum in an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) auction.

“It is an investment Pentanet believes will lead to significant advantages for the network and an accelerated deployment of Terragraph technology in Pentanet’s ‘Project Gigalink’,” Cornish said.

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