When is Konami’s Indie Games Connect 2022?



A place for indies and players to interact.

March 16, 2022

It may have been a while, but it appears that Konami is still somewhat interested in the gaming space. The Japanese company is looking to connect both players and indie developers this coming summer with an event that is headlined by support from PlayStation.

Konami Indie Games Connect 2022 Date

The Konami Indie Games Connect 2022 will happen on June 26 at the Konami Creative Center in Ginza, Tokyo.

Interested developers can already register their interest to attend the event, and there are no costs involved. The same goes for visitors as well, with more details on admission to come. A lineup of all the games that will be exhibited will also be released in early May.

The Konami Indie Games Connect 2022 will have several sections that will garner interest. The Indie Games Exhibition will be where visitors can experience the work of the developers themselves. There will also be a consultation for exhibitors on game development, with professional feedback. Lastly, there is the game developers seminar, which is being led by Shuhei Yoshida, the Head of Independent Developer Initiative for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

With Sony Interactive Entertainment being the only Platinum-level sponsor, it makes sense that they will be heavily involved in the event. The other sponsors for Konami’s Indie Games Connect 2022 include Kodansha, Shueisha, esports GINZA studio, and Unity Technologies.

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