007: Watch Ana de Armas Kick Ass In No Time To Die Fight Prep Video


Ana de Armas’ role in No Time To Die as CIA agent Paloma really let the actress show off her action movie chops, potentially leading to a lead role in a future John Wick spinoff for de Armas. Now, the actress has posted a new behind-the-scenes video to her Instagram, showing some of the work that went into perfecting No Time To Die’s punishing action sequences.

The new No Time To Die video posted by de Armas is more of a throwback for the actress than for fans, as the notoriously-delayed Bond film wrapped its shoot all the way back in 2019. In the post, she says that a new lot of night shoots has her thinking of her “sleepy, cold rainy nights,” on the 007 shoot, accompanied by a handful of set pictures and a video of her combat training for the film. Despite the grueling shoot, de Armas adds that she “had so much fun with Paloma.”

Despite being delayed all the way from April 2020 to its eventual November 2021 release date No Time To Die, Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond, defied box office expectations to become one of the best-performing films of the pandemic. With Craig now officially retired from the role, the next Bond is expected to be revealed sometime this year. All we know for sure at this point is that the next Bond actor will be a British man, according to series producer Barbara Broccoli.

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