Warframe’s next expansion, Angels of the Zariman, arrives this spring


The next Warframe expansion is on the way, and it’s a direct follow-up to the big narrative climax of The New War. “Angels of the Zariman” is set on Zariman Ten Zero, the experimental ship that gave us the space ninja warriors known as Tenno, who use their titular Warframes to wage a galactic war against endless armies. Developer Digital Extremes showcased the expansion during a preview stream; it’s due to arrive this spring.

Angels of the Zariman includes a new narrative quest, a new Warframe called Gyre, and a personal apartment for the player aboard the Zariman. The apartment has several customizable options and seems to be a much cooler living space than the current living quarters on the player’s personal orbiter.

There’s Chrysalith, a new social hub town for players to chill in. Chrysalith is home to three new mission types called Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon. Angels of the Zariman isn’t narratively as broad as The New War, its last expansion, but it looks like it introduces a lot of quality of life fixes to the game, including changes to Eximus enemies and the player’s Focus system.

Angels of the Zariman doesn’t yet have a launch date; it’s expected this spring.

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