Retro Goal – Tips, Cheats, Hints for Beginners


Pass often

Sometimes, a good way to keep a defense on their toes in football is with great playmaking. The same can be said for Retro Goal as well. Keeping the ball moving when you’re still a ways from the goal is a nice way to avoid getting tackled.

A pass from one player to another near the goal is also a great way to get a goal. If you want a little air on your passes, you can praise them a little. This makes it tougher for the defense to steal the ball. But, a basic pass to a teammate and running towards the goal is fun too.

Take control of the receiver of the pass and shake defenders and the goalkeeper on the way to a score and eventually, a victory. Passing is a great art in football, so make the most of it in Retro Goal, playmaker.

Practice dribbling

During those moments in Retro Goal where you need to take the ball yourself to the goal, good dribbling comes into play. There’s no dedicated practice mode in the game so you’ll just have to try and perfect it during matches.

Defenders will be charging after you, so some solid movement with the ball is essential. It’s really easy to stay moving though since you run automatically. All you need to do is steer your player in different directions and then just go.

Once you’re clear, run towards the goal and give it your best shot. In the worst case, your shot is saved by the goalkeeper and you basically just reset in the center of the pitch. Combine the passing and dribbling skills to get back into a scoring position.

Painting The Corners

Scoring goals can be tough in any football game, especially if you’re playing against a team with a highly-rated goalkeeper. A way to combat the stellar defense is by shooting for the corners of the goal. You can still get your shot blocked but it can be helpful.

You can also lob your kicks so a combination of that to go with hitting those corners is a smooth recipe for offensive success. Of course, it’s not always going to work but it’s something to give a try. It’s harder for the goalkeepers to go for those perfect corner shots.

It’s a little like in baseball for pitchers. They have an eye for where hitters may have a hard time hitting and so some of the best pitchers know how to paint those corners of the strike zone. In some ways, this is also true for Retro Goal and football in general. Plus, it’s just awesome when the accuracy is on point.

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