Japan: Pokemon Journeys animation getting a one hour special next month


The lovely animated series, Pokemon Journeys, will be getting a special one hour episode in April as a part of the immensely popular franchise’s 25th Anniversary. The one hour special, which will air on April 1st, will feature two episodes, the first is called “[Ash and Clemont]! Friendship Super Special Training!” and the second is titled “[Ultra Class!] Vs Kalos Elite Four [Drasna]!” Here’s what we know so far:

“The special event will feature Ash heading to Lumiose City as he ends up needing to face off against a member of Kalos’ Elite Four for his next battle in the World Coronation Series, and thus has to do some training before he takes on his next tough challenge. Given that Ash is closer to the Master Class’ Top 8 than ever before, it only makes sense that his battle will be tougher than ever.”



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