Sonic Movie 2 “Pre-quill” comic will feature story spearheaded by actor Jim Carrey


New information has emerged regarding the Sonic 2 Movie “Pre-quill” comic, which as the name suggest is a prequel to the events which will happen in the second Sonic Movie, which is due for worldwide release next month. The man behind the comic is writer Keil Phegley, who has revealed that the comic will feature 40 pages with five different stories. Actor Jim Carrey, who plays Dr Robotnik in the original Sonic Movie and Sonic Movie 2, will be spearheading a Robotnik-centred one. The Sonic 2 Movie “Pre-quill” comic is due to be released on March 23rd for $6.99 and is set to feature artwork by Tracey Yardley, Adam Bryce Thomas, and Evan Stanley.

“Catch up with Sonic and friends-if you can-in this exclusive prequel to 2022’s most anticipated family film! Life is good in Green Hills for Sonic the Hedgehog. . . maybe too good. He’s starting to get bored, and when Sonic gets bored, things become a lot less boring for everyone else-fast! Quicker than you can say “Chili Dog,” the Fastest Thing Alive is saving the day and causing all sorts of chaos along the way! Plus, new and returning characters starring in the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film take the lead in stories of their own!”


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