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The Elden Ring Rya quest is a long, dark quest into the twisted depths of the Volcano Manor and one of the Lands Between’s demigods. Your reward, aside from a hefty helping of lore, is a talisman that acts as a “hard mode” of sorts by increasing the damage you take. As with most quests in Elden Ring, though, completing this one takes a long time and a fair deal of patience.

How to start Rya’s quest in Elden Ring: Rya’s location

Rya’s quest begins east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace in Liurnia. She’s in the stone gazebo near the telescope marker on the map and asks for your help recovering a stolen necklace. Agree to help her look for it, and she’ll tell you where to look in vague terms.

Elden Ring Rya Necklace Location

The house she said the thief retreated to is also nearby. It’s Boilprawn Shack, northwest of Rya’s starting location and north of the Scenic Isle Grace. The thief is sitting near a campfire and will either give you the necklace for 1,000 Runes or drop it when you kill him. Whatever your choice, take it back to Rya. She’ll thank you and hand over an invitation to Volcano Manor. This is the last you’ll see of her for a while.

How to get to Volcano Manor

The next phase of Rya’s quest takes place in Volcano Manor, though depending on your route to Altus Plateau, she may escort you there personally. If you take the Grand Lift of Dectus up from Liurnia, Rya will be waiting near the steps behind the giant golems. Speak with her, and she’ll instantly transport you to the manor.

If you took the long way up through the tunnels instead, it seems the game skips this part and makes you travel to the manor either using another shortcut or traveling there on foot.

The other shortcut is in the basement of the Academy at Raya Lucaria, accessed by taking the water wheel elevator all the way down instead of up. There, you’ll face the Abductor Virgins boss. Getting pulled into the metal body transports you to the Inquisition Chamber underneath Volcano Manor. You’ll still have to face the Abductor Virgins (and win this time), and the path beyond spits you out at Hermit Village.

If you’re traveling on foot, head north through Seethewater in the Altus Plateau until you reach the Fort Laidd Site of Grace. Turn left, and ride Torrent through the lava, ignoring the Magma Wyrm. Torrent will take damage, but not enough to make them vanish before you reach the other side. Continue following the road past the giant bear, and you’ll reach Hermit Village.

The village is an annoying place with swarms of demihumans, a demihuman chieftain, and Maggie, the Demihuman Queen. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, so unless you’re interested in clearing the area, just gallop through to the other end. There’s a Site of Grace next to a sorcerer’s corpse. Grab the Comet Azur spell off the body, turn around, and follow the stone pillar across the gap.

Maggie attacks with might and magic. She’s best avoided if you just want to reach the manor quickly.

Continue following the path up the cliff, then turn left when you hit a junction and cross the bridge (turning right takes you to a dungeon). Ride the Spiritwind, ignore the boss, and dash into the manor. Speak with Tanith, then find Rya in the drawing room. You’ll need to agree to join Tanith to continue the quest.

How to progress Rya’s quest in Elden Ring

Complete Tanith’s first two requests, and speak with Rya after each of them. The second time, Rya is in her true form and mentions the circumstances of her birth as she understands them. Speak with Tanith, then fast travel to the manor Site of Grace to reload the area. Speak with Rya again to learn about strange sounds behind the wall. Speak with Tanith, then exit the lobby and turn right. Smack the wall that has a crooked portrait of a brazier to open Volcano Manor’s hidden path.

This takes you through a large prison, and you’ll emerge in a town fittingly called Prison Town. It’s full of snake warriors, though you can run past them for the most part if you’re in a hurry. After reaching the Guest Hall Site of Grace, you can speak with Rya back at the manor again to learn about her mental distress, though it’s unclear whether this is required.

Fast travel back to the Guest Hall, then continue moving forward. You’ll reach the Temple of Eiglay church and face a Godskin Noble. Retrieve the Serpent’s Amnion from the altar after defeating the boss, then speak with Rya again.

Rya is gone

Reload the area, and you’ll find Rya is gone. This is supposed to happen, so speak with Tanith next. She’ll give you a Tonic of Forgetfulness and asks you to let Rya drink it if the truth about her origins causes too much pain.

Fast travel back to the Temple of Eiglay, and take the elevator that became operational once the Noble died. The path ahead is lengthy, but linear. Once you finally find Rya again, you have three options.

Should you give Rya the tonic in Elden Ring?

Rya explains the truth of her birth and asks you to kill her. Don’t do it, and refuse to give her the tonic. Defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, then return to Rya’s hiding place. Speak to her again and refuse to give her the potion. Reload the area, return to the hiding place, and you’ll find a note explaining she’s left to find her path in life and get the Daedicar’s Woe talisman, which increases the amount of damage you take.

If you give Rya the Tonic, Tanith will be pleased, but everyone eventually leaves the Manor, and Rya is alone. After you defeat Rykard, she’ll be gone as well and leaves the talisman behind. Finally, you can kill her as requested. She’ll thank you, turn into her true form, and drop the talisman.

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