ML Adventure Best Teams in 2022


In an RPG such as Mobile Legends: Adventure, a perfect strategy of deploying troops guarantees a victory every time. The troops consist of heroes from the Mobile Legends universe and sometimes it can be tough to choose the best heroes to build a strong team. So, to help you with this, we have created a list of the best teams in Mobile Legends: Adventure for 2022.

Mobile Legends: Adventure is all about deploying the heroes in the battle arena where the fight takes place automatically. All you have to do is tap on your troops and wait for the fight to finish. During the battle, you don’t have to tap on spells or skills as the game does it for you until the heroes die.

Before deploying your troops, make sure that you have upgraded their emblems and added the recommended equipment. In the practice arena, you can freely try out new builds and team compositions before heading into a real battle.

On top of that, you can form your own guild and invite players to join you in the arena. After leveling up, you can participate in the guild events and tackle the Guild Boss for some exciting and exclusive goodies.

As a MOBA, Mobile Legends frequently releases patch updates that come with nerfs and buffs to hero attributes, spells and items. This guide is completely based on the latest update and we will make sure to do the necessary changes whenever a new update rolls out. Mobile Legends Adventure is available to download on Google Play and the iOS App Store for free.

That’s all for the introduction of the game, take a look at all the best Mobile Legends: Adventure teams on the next page. Also, do visit our regularly updated MLA codes and Mobile Legends Adventure tier list.

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