Bethesda’s mysterious Spyteam just got a trademark push


A mysterious unannounced Bethesda game called Spyteam has seemingly been in the works for several years and is possibly from one of the developers of Fallout 76. More recently, just this year Bethesda filed for a fresh new trademark for the possible multiplayer game, pointing to possible movement on Spyteam for the first time since 2018.

Bethesda has a lot of exciting announced games on the way, such as space RPG Starfield, co-op game Redfall, and this month’s horror release Ghostwire: Tokyo. Now and again there are hints of potentially exciting unannounced Bethesda games too, like a possible new Quake game.

Spyteam is a name that got revealed in a trademark filing back in 2018, belonging to Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax. This came shortly after the creation of Bethesda’s Austin studio, following the collapse of that team’s multiplayer game BattleCry. After helping out with Fallout 76, in 2020, job listings pointed towards an unannounced game being in development at Bethesda Austin which was suspected to be SpyTeam.

The original trademark for Spyteam has been regularly extended since 2018, but earlier this year โ€“ as spotted by YouTuber Skullzi โ€“ Bethesda created a brand new trademark filing for the mysterious game. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Spyteam will get announced anytime soon, but it at least suggests the game is still coming at some point.

Spyteam, a secret Bethesda game that seems to have been in the works for some time now, recently had its trademark application filed for 2022. Could we finally find out what this game is later in the year?#Bethesda #Xbox pic.twitter. com/WVMDixotR5

โ€” SKULLZI ๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŽฎ (@SkullziTV) March 6, 2022

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about SpyTeam sooner rather than later. Redfall was another Bethesda game that we learned about through a trademark filing, and that was filed the same year as Spyteam โ€“ but got announced last year as Arkane’s new game.

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