GTA Online next-gen update save transfers, new car upgrades detailed


Grand Theft Auto Online, the competitive and cooperative multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5, is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as a stand-alone title on March 15. On Friday, Rockstar Games detailed new features, including a new Career Builder aimed at new players and new types of races, coming to the “expanded and enhanced” GTA Online.

Like the single-player side of the game, GTA Online will get a visual upgrade when it comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X: up to 4K resolution, targeted 60 fps, improved texture quality, HDR options, and ray tracing.

New players — GTA Online is now more than eight years old — will also get a leg up with the Career Builder mode, which delivers GTA$4 million to spend on property, vehicles, and weapons, and a newly designed introduction and tutorial.

Image: Rockstar Games

GTA Online veterans will be able to carry their online characters over to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions via the Rockstar Games Social Club, and upgrade their existing vehicles at Hao’s Special Works at the Los Santos Car Meet. Hao’s Special Works will unlock new vehicle upgrades, a new class of races, and weekly time trials. Players can even test drive those newly modified (and faster) cars for free.

Migration from previous-generation consoles to new consoles includes any characters, GTA$, progression, stats, vehicles, properties, weapons, clothing, and player-created jobs, Rockstar said. And while players can migrate progress across console generations and platforms, Rockstar warns that GTA$ will only carry over if done on the same console brand (ie, PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5).

GTA Online will be free to download on PlayStation 5 for the first three months after its March 15 launch. Physical releases of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto Online are coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in April.

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