How to Get Tarn Weapon Pattern



March 2, 2022

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has arrived, and players are able to jump into the latest expansion and start unraveling the mysteries of Savathun’s Throne World and her Lucent Hive. The new expansion adds a brand new crafting system that allows you to shape and reshape weapons. In order to craft your own weapon, though, you’ll need patterns. In this guide, we’ll go over How to get the Tarnation weapon patterna popular grenade launcher that is being sought after by many players in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.

How to Get Tarn Weapon Pattern in Destiny 2

First, before you even start thinking about Tarnation, make sure you have a feel for how crafting and Deepsight Resonance works first. Check out this guide here for a refresher if you need it. In general, though, you’ll need to pray to the RNG gods a bit to get the Tarnation weapon pattern.

To get the Tarnation weapon pattern, you need to level up its Deepsight Resonance and extract something from it twice. In simpler terms, you’ll need to get two random world drops of this weapon in its red border form, max out the Deepsight Resonance bar for each one, and then extract materials from it twice. After that, you’ll have the Tarnation weapon pattern permanently unlocked for you to shape.

Aside from just getting lucky with world drops, if you want to farm for Tarnation with Deepsight Resonance, your best bet will be to run the Wellspring over and over, which has a chance of dropping it at the end.

Once you shape it, you can start leveling it up and buying new advanced perks to tweak to your liking.

That’s pretty much all you need to know for How to get the Tarnation weapon pattern in Destiny 2 as of The Witch Queen. For more on year 5 of Destiny 2, check out our Witch Queen wiki guide.

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