5 Mobile games like Tunic to play while you wait



The Last Campfire

Publishers: Hello Games

Available on: iOS + apple arcade

Genre: puzzle

The Last Campfire by Hello Games tells the tale of a lost ember trapped in a mysterious and puzzling place. As an action adventure title, you will explore unknown lands and tackle new challenges.

As you travel across the lands searching for meaning, you will encounter scary monsters and mysterious ruins. Your main objective is to light the last campfire and keep it lit until the end of the game.

Download The Last Campfire


Monument Valley

developers: etc

Publishers: etc

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Adventure, Platform, Puzzle

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a renowned title that focuses mainly on exploration. The game has beautiful architecture and gameplay filled with mystery. Princess Ida is the game’s hero who will help you explore hidden paths and find out the intentions of the Crow People.

The game’s unique 3D design makes it a lot easier to explore as you can reshape the world. The architecture includes temples, palaces and monuments from around the globe. In a recent update, it added eight brand new chapters and interestingly, the game allows crossplay and is heavily optimized for all the supported devices.

Download Monument Valley


Evoland 2

Publishers: Shiro Games

Available on: iOS

Genre: RPG

Evoland 2

Evoland 2 features a mix of action adventure, shooter and card trading genres in a single game. Released back in 2018, it is still going strong with new updates that accompany exciting content. You control the character Kuro who is joined by a girl named Kina. As you travel together to unknown places, new challenges will appear for you to overcome.

Basically, Evoland 2 is all about saving the world from destruction. On this journey, you will get to explore new dungeons, forests and villages. As mentioned, the game switches genres periodically. For example, it can turn from a side scrolling platformer to a match-3 puzzler and then to a top-down angle shooter.

Download Evoland 2


Hyper Light Drifters

developers: HeartMachine

Available on: iOS + PS vita + Ouya + switches

Genre: action, adventure

Hyper Light Drifters

If you want to enjoy 16-bit games once again, Hyper Light Drifter is worth giving a try. Developed by Abylight, the game features a vast world full of chaos. As a Drifter, you will travel across numerous places in the Land of Buried Times and figure out a way to end the spread of a deadly disease.

On top of that, the game is a recipient of multiple prestigious awards, which includes Best Visual Design, Best Audio and Best Original Game categories. For a better experience, we advise you to play it on an iPad to enjoy the beautiful graphics.

Download HyperLight Drifter


ocean horn

developers: Cornfox & Bros.

Publishers: FDG Entertainment

Available on: iOS + Android + Steam

Genre: Adventure

ocean horn

Oceanhorn is a hit title in this genre that’s also available on PC and console as well as mobile. The story revolves around the Uncharted Seas that offer a new and exciting adventure, puzzles and mysteries in a visually impressive environment. As you embark on a sea journey, you will be battling monsters and unraveling secrets.

In addition to that, you can teach magical powers to your character to use them against enemies and discover ancient treasures, which is an essential part of your quest. Also, don’t forget to work on your skills and abilities as the quest becomes more difficult as you level up.

Download ocean horn

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