Digimon games producer looking into Digimon World port, remaster, or remake


Kazumasu Habu, who is the producer behind the Digimon games, has said during a question and answer session at Digimon Con 2022, that he is thinking carefully about reintroducing Digimon World in either the form of a port, a remaster, or even a full scale remake. Mr. Habu reiterated that he and the team have received many requests from fans around the world regarding either a port or a remake of the classic Digimon World. He said that because of this the team is thinking very carefully about how to approach it. Here’s what Mr. Habu had to say at the event:

“We have received many requests for a port or remake of the original Digimon World. “I’m positively considering it. But at the same time, I’m also thinking about which choice—port, remaster, or remake—is better.”

“If I choose port / remaster, then I think it will be highly feasible. If you want a remake, we need to think about how many additional elements you’d need to incorporate into the game. Digimon World has a very good balance between File Island—the stage—and the Digimon that appear. If we add a new field—for example, the Folder Continent—or new Digimon, then I think we should treat it as a new product rather than a remake.

“I would be grateful if you could continue to share your opinions with me. Please give us your opinions in the comments section or elsewhere. We’d love to hear from you.”


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