Grand Theft Auto Trilogy for Nintendo Switch updated to Version 1.06, impressions seem positive


Rockstar Games tweeted yesterday that they have been working hard on patches for the poorly received Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition and that the fixes would be deployed next week. However, late last night it emerged that the Nintendo Switch version of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition was updated to Version 1.06. Users on various message boards and social media have been testing out the latest patch and it seems to be mostly positives from those who have commented. The notable things mentioned by owners of the game seem to be that the frame rate has been improved and is more steady during high speed chases with far less dips than pre-patch and there’s noticeably less pop-up than before when driving around the city. Hopefully the trusty team at Digital Foundry or similar tech-focussed YouTube channels upload a performance video for the Version 1.06 patch soon.

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