Elden Ring Patch 1.03 Brings Much Needed Performance Improvements



February 25, 2022

Elden Ring has received an impressive critical reception since its launch, but its performance has been the one area of ​​the experience that perhaps hasn’t lived up to FromSoftware’s typically high standards. Today, the developer has issued a patch that it hopes will at least mark a beginning to an improvement across all versions. You can check out the full list of patch notes below.

  • Regarding the problem of the mouse being too sensitive in the PC version
    • We will be sending out a patch for this issue in the near future.
  • Regarding the problem of Easy Anti-Cheat failing to launch when the Steam account name includes a multi-byte character (eg, kanji).
    • We are aware of the cause of this issue and will be providing a patch in the near future.
  • Regarding the phenomenon of frame rate and other performance-related issues during gameplay
    • We will be constantly working to improve the game so that it can be played comfortably on various PC environments and platforms.
    • For the PC version, updating your graphics card drivers to the latest version may significantly improve performance.
  • About the phenomenon of game data that does not save correctly in the PlayStation 5 version
    • If the PS5 console is unexpectedly turned off while playing a game or in rest mode, saved data may not be saved correctly.
    • We are aware of the cause of this issue and are working on a patch to correct it, but until the patch is released, please save your game manually by exiting the game regularly.
    • Game data will be saved correctly if you quit the game by opening the system menu using the OPTION button and selecting “Quit Game,” then press the HOME button to return to the PS5 home screen and quit the game application once.

This latest patch follows on from Patch 1.02.

Twinfinite reviewed the game Elden Ring and our impression was very positive. We scored the game an exemplary 5/5 and concluded:

“Is this the best FromSoft action RPG ever made? For now, perhaps. It’s definitely up there with Bloodborne. But given the company’s track record, I’d no longer be surprised if they come back in another six years with a new IP that surpasses all expectations yet again.”

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