What Lies in the Multiverse is a puzzle platformer launching in March


Publisher Untold Tales and Chilean developers Studio Voyager and Iguana Bee recently revealed 10 minutes of gameplay for What Lies in the Multiverse, a dimension-shifting puzzle platformer that has a March 4, 2022 release date on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and personal computer The game describes itself as a “dramatic comedy,” so it is attempting to tell an actual story amid its pixelated shenanigans.

Here are some key features of What Lies in the Multiverse ahead of its release date next month:

  • Embark on a journey across gorgeous pixel-art worlds, each with a unique parallel universe you can dive into at will.
  • Switch worlds in mid-air. Can’t reach a ledge? bam! Now it’s closer. Sick of sliding around on ice? Kapow! Alternate to a universe with the firmer ground.
  • Meet a vast cast of quirky characters, from zen monks to hairy bikers, and see how they change from one reality to another.
  • Befriend a charismatic but hopelessly amoral scientist named Everett and follow him on an adventure through the multiverse.
  • Discover a light-hearted but emotionally nuanced story that delves into the darker side of human nature.

I certainly wouldn’t call the pixel art of What Lies in the Multiverse particularly beautiful, but it does appear to have been crafted with passion. That really ought to count for something. If you like puzzle platformers, keep this one on your radar.

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