Super Stickman Golf 3+: Three good hats to unlock


Viking Hat

In golf, one thing that’s every player’s nightmare is a hazard, especially water hazards. You will see these in Super Stickman Golf 3+ and in most games, if you hit your ball in that direction, then you’re screwed. Well, it’s not all doom and gloom in SSG3+.

If you’re able to obtain the Viking hat via card packs, this beauty looks cool and it also prevents you from hitting water hazards. This can truly come in handy, especially with how pesky water hazards can be. It’s not like bunkers where you can just try and splash your way out.

Water actually gives you penalties so playing rounds without having to worry about this is great and will make your score look pretty in the end. So ripping packs and getting this fine hat will do wonders for you, especially on later courses.

Bee Cap

The Bee Cap in Super Stickman Golf 3+ is another gem of a hat. Similar to the Viking hat, you won’ be penalized, this time, for going out of bounds. So if your shot goes a little haywire, then it just won’t count and you’ll be able to have another crack at it.

You can’t stack hats, of course, so if you’re struggling on a hole, and the out-of-bounds area is giving you trouble, then feel free to switch to this nifty little cap. Hazards and out-of-bounds areas can really be a pain in golf games so having a hat like this comes through.

Red Mushroom

Considered a “premium” card, the Red Mushroom hat in Super Stickman Golf 3+ will send you straight to the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario games. This hat will not only make you look a little like Toad but it also gives you a small shot preview before you hit.

It doesn’t tell you where it will land, but it will show the trajectory of the shot. This will give you an idea as to where to aim after you set up. This is helpful if you aren’t comfortable hitting blind shots. Sometimes, you’ll just have a general idea anyway but this has can confirm those ideas.

This can especially come through when you need to hit over a water hazard and such. If you find this hat in a pack then feel free to give it a wear and see how you like it. You’ll probably start hearing Super Mario music playing in the background during your round (no, not serious).

In the end, we just have to recommend the list of most spectacular iOS sports games that you should grab in 2022.

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