My Heroes: Dungeon Raid beginner’s guide – few tips to help you start


In My Heroes: Dungeon Raid, there are many ways you could waste your time and money and get nowhere. We wouldn’t want that to happen. So, here is our My Heroes: Dungeon Raid beginner’s guide to help you get stronger quickly. We have also devised a guide regarding the best classes that you can pick in Dungeon Raid, and we strongly advise you to read that one too.

TIP #1 – Take down the boss first

As soon as you enter a stage, rush towards the boss room and take it down. Once you have taken them down, you have complete freedom of time, meaning you can now explore as much as you want.

TIP #2 – Collect all the gear

No matter what kind of gear you find, make sure to collect them and bring them back to the lobby with you. Once you are in the lobby, go to your backpack and transmute the gear you don’t want, it will give you rewards.

So read:

TIP #3 – Complete daily quests

Daily quest gives you an insane amount of XP. If you want to level up quickly, make sure to complete your daily quests.

TIP #4 – Pick up skills with different elements

When filling up your skill slots, pick up different elemental skills. For example, you can choose two skills in water elements, one fire element skill and one grass element skill. It will help you upgrade all the skill types later in the game. You will have just one elemental type of skill with high-level up and all the rest at rock bottom levels.

TIP #5 – Finish your hunting grounds

You have to finish level 1 of the hunting grounds to unlock level 2 for the next week and so on. Each hunting grounds level has multiple stages. For example, you will have to complete all five stages of level 1 to unlock the next level of hunting grounds. The last stage of a hunting grounds unlocks on Friday, so make sure to complete it then, otherwise you will be stuck on the same hunting round for one more week.

That concludes our My Heroes: Dungeon Raid beginner’s guide. For more tips and guides, stay tuned with us. So, don’t forget to check out our list of the most exceptional Android RPGs in 2022.

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