Baba Is You Switch physical release preorder opens at Fangamer


Fangamer has opened a preorder page for a boxed, physical Nintendo Switch release of Baba Is You, retailing for $34. It will begin shipping on June 14. Baba Is You is an experimental puzzle game with more than 200 levels where you have the power to change the game rules in order to complete puzzles. It originally released in 2019 to critical acclaim, so hardcore fans should be delighted that Baba Is You is getting this physical release on Switch.

This really isn’t the sort of game that is easily and quickly explained in words, so for some additional assistance, we have included an old trailer below. However, the game has been winning awards ever since it was first conceived for a game jam back in 2017, and Steam reviews are “Overwhelmingly Positive,” even with more than 13,000 reviews. So basically, Baba Is You is the type of game you may just want to take a blind leap of faith on, even if not necessarily on the physical Switch release. The digital version of the game costs a flat $15.

Fangamer is a terrific manufacturer, and you never know what you might get next from it. In recent times, Fangamer has produced Blast Corps merchandise and Breath of Fire merchandise, both of which are pretty rad.


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