It’s Called ‘Gaming Sake’ For Playing Video Games And Drinking


Pictured is Tsuchida and the brewery's master brewer.

Kanpai!Image: Sake Bottlers Corp

I’m a big fan of sake—so big, I even wrote a book on it! And I sure like video games. But do we really need sake for gamers? Do we? Apparently, sake bottler hitomaku thinks so.

The Tokyo-based start-up has already released its debut canned sake products Challenge Blue and Have Fun Red. According to to official release, the company raised over $21,000 through crowdfunding for its bottle-shaped canned sake release. The idea was sake bottles were too large (they’re not, really, they’re not) and that there was a desire for a canned sake, which already exists. So does cup sake. But hey, now Hitomaku is making geemingu nihonshu (ゲーミング日本酒) or “gaming sake.” It’s called Gaming Rainbow.

Pictured are the previous canned sake bottle releases.

Here’s a look at the bottler’s previous releases. Image: Sake Bottlers Corp

What is interesting about this release is that Hitomaku has roped in former Capcom artist Kinu Nishimura and light-novel illustrator Mika Pikazo to do the labels. There’s even a countdown for a label reveal onYouTube, which seems like a bit much. But even more interesting is the owner of the brewery that’s making the sake used to work in the game industry. Yuji Tsuchida, who heads up the Tsuchida Sake Brewery in Gunman, cut his teeth at a game company prior to taking over the family business in 2008 as the sixth generation owner.

“Personally, as someone who was previously employed at a game company, I’m exceedingly grateful for sake that’s for gaming,” said Tsuchida. “We’re aiming for a flavor that makes gaming even more enjoyable when you drink it.”

Because Tsuchida actually has game industry experience and owns a brewery, he could be the perfect person to craft a sake that actually is designed especially for drinking while playing video games.

The Tsuchida Sake Brewery, which specializes in kimoto-style sake, is a terrific brewery. To be honest, anything they make is just fine for gaming if you drink and like sake. Heck, the same goes for any sake you enjoy! But if this product gets more people interested in sake, then so be it. Gaming sake, it is.

If you want to get into sake, here’s a good place to start.

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